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Mission Statement

WTJU-FM is a non-commercial educational radio station licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to the Rector and Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia.

The objectives of WTJU are:

  • To present original, rich, and diverse programming of music and other forms of expression free from the direct constraints of commercial interests, reflecting the broadest educational goals of the University.

  • To provide the University and surrounding communities with a significant alternative to other broadcast media within the station's service area.

  • To provide educational, entertaining music and public affairs programming, and information on issues and events of interest to the community.

  • To serve as a communications link between the University and surrounding communities, bringing the resources of the University to its neighbors, providing opportunities for participation in the creation of programming and the experience of broadcasting, and fostering closer contact among different groups.

  • To archive selected recorded material acquired or produced by WTJU.

Support for WTJU's programming comes from you, the listener. It is during our four annual fund drives that we offer our listeners the opportunity to pledge support for the station, each a week of exciting "in depth" coverage of music and special programs. All money raised during these events goes directly to the operational support of WTJU and we thank you for it.

Mission Statement University of Virginia

WTJU is owned and operated by the Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia.
The opinions expressed by announcers or guests on WTJU are not necessarily the opinions of WTJU or the University of Virginia.