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WTJU News & Community Affairs

Politics, Innovation, Culture, and the Arts. Serving as a bridge between the University and surrounding communities.

It's all part of WTJU's news and public affairs mission - a mission that we carry out with our program Soundboard, heard weekdays 9:00-10:00 a.m. on 91.1 FM.

Each weekday, a crew of students and community volunteers pulls together stories from our community, highlighting the voices and perspectives from U.Va., Charlottesville, and beyond. We interview politicians and visiting speakers, students and professors doing interesting research, artists and performers creating cool things, and people making a difference in their communities. We connect Charlottesville to the
world, and we dive deep into what's happening in our town.

The Friday edition of Soundboard is a partnership between WTJU, Charlottesville Tomorrow, and C'Ville Weekly. We also air two shows as part of Soundboard from the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities: Backstory on Tuesdays and With Good Reason on Wednesdays.

And on the other days, we air terrific, original community affairs content - produced and anchored by people like you.

Won't you join us? Fill out a WTJU volunteer application today. No previous experience is required. If you're curious about things, want to know more about what's going on in your community, and want to make some media, we'll provide you with the training and the opportunity.

Volunteer roles include:

Lead Producer. The Lead Producer manages the content for one day per week of Soundboard. S/he makes the final editorial decisions (in consultation with assistant producers), books and scripts some of the guests, develops the flow from story to story, picks interstitial music between segments, and assembles and edits the master script each week. The Lead Producer should have strong organizational skills, a good head for editorial decision-making, and good writing skills. The Lead Producer does NOT have to be present on the day of the show, though it helps. Being the Lead Producer requires about 4-7 hours per week.

Co-Host. Each day of Soundboard has two co-hosts who read intro & outro scripts, interview guests, and engage listeners with their on-air presentation. Most of our co-hosts also work as Assistant Producers in some capacity: writing questions for interview guests, sometimes helping to line up the guests. Each co-host should have a steady presence on-air and enjoy talking to a wide variety of guests. Being a co-host requires 2-4 hours per week.

Assistant Producer. The Assistant Producer books 1-2 guests per week, drafts questions for these guests, and writes intros & outros for the live host to read. The Assistant Producers work with the Lead Producer on content ideas, and also generate their own ideas for segments. Assistant Producers should have organizational skills and good written communication skills. Assistant Producers do NOT have to be present the day of the show, though it helps. Being an Assistant Producer requires 2-4 hours per week.

Technical Producer / Board operator. The Tech Producer operates the studio board live during the broadcast. The tech producer keeps everyone's levels balanced and makes the broadcast sound good. The tech producer should feel comfortable around buttons and computers, and should be cool under pressure. Being a Tech Producer requires 1-2 hours per week.

Editor. We sometimes have interviews to be recorded ahead or time or pre-recorded audio that needs to be edited for air. This is true for Soundboard, but our editors are also needed to help many WTJU music hosts to record and edit interviews with musicians. Editors should feel comfortable around computers, but we can teach you how to use Adobe Audition (the audio editing software we use). Editors work on an ad hoc basis.

Special segment producer. As part of Soundboard, WTJU airs a handful of recurring weekly special segments. Want to tell listeners about cool stuff in astronomy each week? Maybe a 5-minute segment that explores the intersection of sports and culture? Perhaps a short interview with a different local farmer each week? These are just a few ideas. But if you've got a topic that you're passionate about and could stick with for an extended period of time, we'd be interested in hearing your proposal.

Got questions? Email Nathan Moore at


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