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WTJU Programming Committee

WTJU established a Programming Committee in the Spring of 2011. The Programming Committee is a consulting committee that applies its expertise and skills to discussions about WTJU programming. The General Manager gives full consideration to the Committee’s recommendations.
  • The Programming Committee shares program evaluation authority with the GM. They work together to carry out evaluations and to recommend action steps for particular programs.
  • The Programming Committee shares program grid evaluation authority with the GM. The PC can propose and recommend grid changes to the GM, who accepts or declines for good cause such recommendations.

Purpose & Membership

The Programming Committee works toward three purposes:
  1. Evaluate existing programs on a regular basis for quality and mission fulfillment, suggesting program improvement goals and resources as needed
  2. Review, evaluate, and critique program grid on a regular basis, recommending changes and new programming when necessary
  3. Evaluate other elements of on-air programming (e.g. calendars, PSAs, underwriting, etc.) for quality, station identity, and mission fulfillment
The Programming Committee includes members from each department at WTJU, as well as WTJU Alumni.


Meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month, 6:00-7:30pm in the Lambeth Commons 1st floor meeting room.

Meetings of the Programming Committee are open to the public for anonymous viewing. With a simple majority vote, the CAB may vote to close its sessions to consider matters relating to individual employees, proprietary information, litigation, and other matters listed in Section 396(k)(4) of the federal Communications Act.

If a session is closed to the public, a written statement containing an explanation of the reasons for closing the meeting will be made publicly available on this web page.

WTJU is owned and operated by the Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia.
The opinions expressed by announcers or guests on WTJU are not necessarily the opinions of WTJU or the University of Virginia.