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Submitting Concert Calendar

WTJU 91.1 FM is a listener-supported, noncommercial radio station located on the 2nd Floor of Lambeth Commons at the University of Virginia. WTJU has concert calendars for Rock, Jazz, Folk, and Classical music events. FCC rules require that events at a for-profit venue {if you are not a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, you're a "for-profit"} only be announced in a calendar form with other venues' events. If you would like your concerts/dances/club events announced on our calendar, please submit your information based on these guidelines:

Mail, messenger mail, FAX, e-mail or bring by your announcement a minimum of ten days before you want it to air. Most of our concert calendars are recorded no later than Wednesday and are not updated but once a week. WTJU reserves the right to refuse any announcement that does not meet this deadline or the criteria below.

  1. All announcements must be Typed
  2. If you already publish your event in a calendar form, you may send that
  3. All concerts must have the following:
    • Venue contact person(s) name
    • Who's performing
    • Date of Show
    • When the Doors Open
    • Time of Show
    • Phone number (with area code)/email for information
    • Restrictions (possible examples below):
      1. All Ages Show
      2. 18 & Over only
      3. Ticket price in advance (and where available)
      4. Ticket price at the door
      5. ARTS $ event (UVA only)
      6. "Under 18 admitted free"
      7. "Alcohol free event"
Note: If you have questions about our Concert Announcements, please contact us at 434-924-0885 or email

PO Box 400811
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4811

Messenger Mail (internal to UVA only)
PO Box 400811 (messenger mail)

FAX: 434-924-8996

WTJU is owned and operated by the Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia.
The opinions expressed by announcers or guests on WTJU are not necessarily the opinions of WTJU or the University of Virginia.