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Submitting Public Service Announcements

Submitting Public Service Announcements

WTJU 91.1 FM is a listener-supported, noncommercial radio station located on the 2nd Floor of Lambeth Commons at the University of Virginia. WTJU airs public service announcements (PSAs) for:

  • 501(c)(3) Non-profit organizations;
  • Those sponsoring an event for a nonprofit group;
  • Local schools, colleges and Universities; and
  • Student organizations.

There is no charge for this service but if you would like to have your announcement regularly scheduled for a block of time consider underwriting.

What is a PSA?

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are descriptions of upcoming events (such as plays, art exhibitions, concerts and fairs) sponsored by or benefiting nonprofit organizations in our community. PSAs are read on-air by our announcers (or in some cases, prerecorded for rebroadcast) as a service to organizations and our listeners.

All PSAs are edited and rewritten to suit our format.

General Guidelines

Please review these guidelines carefully before sending your announcement

PSAs should be emailed to WTJU at   We no longer accept PSAs by phone, fax or mail.   PSA should be sent to our office a minimum of one week before you want it to BEGIN airing.

Required Information:

  • Who is appearing and/or What the event is
  • Where the event is (and directions if necessary)
  • When (Date & Time) the event occurs
  • Phone number with area code of the event Contact Person (# will be included in the PSA but a name is not required)
  • Pronunciation guidelines to difficult words or names
  • Date when announcement should begin airing/end airing
  • Organizations add: "________ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization"
Optional Information:
  • Contact name (for office use)
  • Email contact
  • Website/URL
  • WTJU reserves the right to edit all announcements for content, length, and format;
  • Calls to action for specific products, businesses or commercial services are not allowed, nor are endorsements;
  • Any announcement that does not meet the prescribed deadline may be discarded;
  • Direct fund-raising appeals or solicitation for volunteers to solicit funds for organizations are not allowed per the FCC;
  • If your organization sends incorrect information and then later sends a correction, a complete new announcement with the correction should be sent;
  • "Till Further Notice" (TFN) Policy is: please renew every three months;
  • WTJU accepts some prerecorded PSAs on CD-R or as emailed MP3s depending upon quality and appropriateness: Please always send a text version too;
  • You may include event price information but WTJU does not include it in the announcement;
  • Announcements for restricted admission events, i.e. "this event for students only," etc., are ineligible;
  • If you have questions about our Public Service Announcements, please contact us at 434-924-0885 or email
Guidelines for submitting PSAs

WTJU receives an average of 500 emails a day nearly 80% of which are, or are suspected to be, spam and deleted without opening. There is also a substantial amount of email that arrives with so little information that we also delete those without opening. It is important to clearly distinguish your important emails from these. Here are a few hints:

  • Make sure the "From" portion of the email has either your name or the organization name. This is particularly important if you're sending from your personal email address that could include a "fun" name that all of your friends recognize but we will not.
  • "Subject" line of the email:
    • Write "PSA" plus a two or three word description of the content;
    • Do not write a "sentence" describing the event in the subject line as the primary information is sometimes cut off (example: "Be sure to come down to our once-a-year Crozet Barn Dance!" We only see the first few words and we will delete without opening); finally,
    • WTJU discards without opening any emails without a subject line or with (none) in the subject line.
  • Press Releases:
    • Please send Press Releases with images or PDFs as attachments: do not paste them into the email;
    • When sending attachments please provide a minimum one-sentence overview of the content of the Press Release and/or attachment within the body of the email;
    • If you insert a graphic hyperlink into your email that links to your press release please also include a non-hyperlink version too. Sample language would be: "If you cannot view this image please click here for PSA."
  • Reminders: WTJU prefers to receive only one announcement per event. If you send out additional reminders please label them as such so that we can avoid accidental duplication.
  • Corrections: Before sending your PSA confirm that all of our guidelines for content have been met. If there is an error to a PSA previously sent please resend the corrected version in entirety.

WTJU is owned and operated by the Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia.
The opinions expressed by announcers or guests on WTJU are not necessarily the opinions of WTJU or the University of Virginia.