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Meet the Staff

General Manager
Nathan Moore Nathan Moore (434-924-0883)

Nathan came on board at WTJU in April 2011. He hails from West Virginia, but spent most of the 2000s in Madison, Wisconsin. He has been involved in community-based media in various capacities since the late 1990s: as a disc jockey, board op, producer, reporter, News Director at college and community radio stations, National Programming Coordinator at Pacifica Radio, and General Administrator at Free Speech Radio News. He has also taught sociology & anthropology part time at a community college.

Nathan also stays busy with his two daughters' early years and enjoying the good things Charlottesville has to offer. He also appreciates good cheese, fresh produce, select fermented beverages, and interesting conversation with good company.

Business Manager
Jane Jane McDonald (434-243-8884)

Jane came on board as the Business Manager for WTJU in May 1997. Back in the good ol' days, she and Chuck held down the WTJU fort as the only two regular paid staff. With a background in theatre management, promotions, sales, and degrees in Theatre and Psychology, Jane was, of course, particularly suited to becoming an accountant.

Jane learned later that she was actually hired because she said that in addition to Otis Redding, she liked Tom Waits and Carl Orff. For a while Jane wore several hats at the station. She even compiled, hosted, and self-produced "The Arts Report", a weekly calendar of area arts events. Then the university decided to farm out a lot more fiscal responsibility to the individual departments. Happily, two more staff members were hired as, alas, budgets and many courses in accounting principles finally required a concentrated focus on numbers - not an easy task at a station as fun as WTJU! Still, Jane has found time outside of station hours to serve for several years on the Piedmont Council of the Arts Board, and to also perform in local theatre and music productions.

Underwriting Manager
Rob Nowicki (434-243-8831)

Rob Nowicki is WTJU's Underwriting Manager and as such is responsible for the cultivating, acquiring and keeping of corporate, small business and individual underwriting of the station.

As at any small radio station he wears many hats --- public relations guy, marketing maven, small animal taxidermist-all for the good of WTJU. Rob has also volunteered on air at WTJU both as a past co-host of the Early Music Show and other special programming.

Office Administrator
Jane & Gayle Gayle Poirier (434-924-0885)

Gayle started at WTJU as a volunteer and moved shortly thereafter to working as a temp during fundraisers, then added a few days a week year-round. Now, almost ten years later, she's WTJU's full-time office manager. Hers is the first face you see when you arrive at WTJU!


Producer & Content Director
Lewis Lewis Reining (434-924-0885)

Lewis started volunteering at the station as a student, working with the news department and then Soundboard, and just found himself getting more and more involved. Since January 2014, Lewis has taken on three roles rolled into one: production support, producing programs for national distribution, and managing content on WTJU's forthcoming redesigned website.


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